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As advisers, lawyers, and wealth managers, you’re not our competition—the Commonwealth team works alongside yours as the perfect complement.
In our more than 90 years as experts with Delaware trust administration, we pride ourselves on our flexibility resolving complex issues, always willing to discuss the details and providing efficient turnaround times. Commonwealth is committed to working with trusted advisers to find a mutual partnership, so we can preserve our clients’ legacies—together.

Work With Us

As an independent trust company, Commonwealth Trust works with a client’s attorneys, accountants, and financial planners to achieve desired results. We do not manage investments, thus assuring the professional advisers that we are not in competition with them. Unlike bank trust departments, Commonwealth has no interest in taking over management of a client’s funds, which is the greatest protection for the professional adviser.
Simply Independent
We are in the business of building relationships with our clients and their advisers. At Commonwealth, we complement a client’s advisers, we do not compete with them. Commonwealth is a completely independent trust company and is committed to staying that way.

At Commonwealth Trust, the officers, directors, and employees have owned 100% of our stock since 1931. We do not sell, nor are we looking to sell any proprietary products. We are compensated for our services through annual fees.*

The Commonwealth Advantage
We work with advisers and brokers from all over the world because of our independence, and we plan to keep it that way. Our company flourishes because of the high-quality services we provide with an independent and impartial attitude, not because of any particular alliance or joint venture with outside firms. Because of the closely-held ownership of our stock, Commonwealth Trust will remain independent, even in the ever-changing world of bank mega-mergers. At Commonwealth Trust, we look to complement, not to compete.

Trust Services

Our unparalleled Delaware directed trustee services are what sets us apart from other independent trust administrators.

Our commitment to deliver client-focused administrative services allows the other fiduciaries serving the client to do what they do best, resulting in a superior experience for our mutual clients. We make it a priority to have only the most qualified attorneys, accountants, and trust administrators on staff. Visit our Trust Services page for more information.

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