Introducing A Vibrant New Look For Commonwealth Trust Company

Over 85 years of independence, all the while pursuing excellence, has crafted the experienced organization we have become. Today, you will recognize that Commonwealth is sporting a vibrant new face, logo, and look that more fully illustrate our profound sense of commitment and duty.

Same Values, New Look

“Trust us with your Family Legacy.” remains our signature and continues to guide the unique ways we serve.

Remain Rooted in Delaware

We remain here in Wilmington, as Delaware’s leading independent trust company providing directed trustee services.

Lasting Partners

As advisors, lawyers, and wealth managers, you’re not our competition – our team works alongside yours as the perfect complement.

Building Legacies, Together

Establishing trusts isn’t just a simple hands-off transaction – it’s children, grandchildren, and familial legacies that we will be supporting for years to come.

Let's Go!